Why Be You Yoga Studios


With a Maximum Of Only 8 Students Per Group Class.
Each Time You Practice It Is Like Your Own Private Lesson.

Located in Wollongong, at Be You Yoga Studio, classes are available for all levels and ages. Students learn to discover their own physical strength to enhance mental and emotional health.

The vision at Be You YOGA is for each student to achieve their personal best whilst enjoying what they are practicing.

Be You YOGA philosophy is to teach students to listen to their bodies and interpret as accurately as possible the way the body communicates through yoga and meditation.

We know that abilities differ according to flexibility, health, background and dedication and that is the reason why we opened this studio – we are not looking to just “Fill The Room”. We prefer to focus on you and your practice so you discover your potential abilities and develop them.​

At Be You YOGA we encourage you to work to your ability –to be yourself– to BE YOU!​

Whether you are looking to practice Yoga six times a week or are new to Yoga we welcome you into the Be You YOGA family and we will strive to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. ​

By offering small group classes it allows time for individual attention. Be You YOGA promotes an atmosphere of privacy and intimacy in a non-competitive studio – a serene retreat encouraging deep relaxation. ​

The Be You YOGA studio can also be booked for Private or Corporate Classes.

Reasons to love Be You Yoga Studio



Be You YOGA offers a variety of classes for a wide range of abilities and preferences including classes for people over 40 and seniors.


You can choose between a one on one half an hour consultation, or your first class for free.  The consultation is recommended when you are new to yoga and have lots of questions.


Maximum 8 students per class; it is like your own private studio.  Small classes allow attention for you as an individual.


Be You YOGA classes are comfortable and relaxed.  You do not have to be good at yoga for yoga to be good for you.


You can use your pass at your leisure.  You have the flexibility to choose to book any class and time, whenever you want.  Your pass does not expire.


Be You YOGA is located in the peaceful and quiet Figtree area where the sound of nature is appreciated.  The Studio is situated in a garden setting with a beautiful view to Mt Keira.

Our Team


Director / Founder of Be You Yoga

Doctor Sandra Taylor has gained a Doctorate Degree in Spiritual Science from the Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy where she has been practicing for the past 20 years. She is the Director and founder of Be You Yoga and personally undertakes your yoga and meditation classes.

Sandra also has The Yoga Teachers Diploma from the Antara Yoga and Meditation International Institute as well as The Meditation Teachers Diploma, and is a full member of the Antara Yoga and Meditation International Association (AYMIA).

Sandra is a recognised Yoga Alliance, Master Yoga Teacher. She is the author of the BE YOU YOGA books series available on Amazon, and has more than two decades of experience in the different aspects of yoga and meditation.


Yoga Instructor

Samantha has been practicing yoga for the past seven years, but her journey really began when she moved to Wollongong three years ago and found her teacher and mentor (Sandra Taylor). Sam has the Yoga Teacher Diploma for the Antara Yoga and Meditation International Institute and she is a full member of the Antara Yoga and Meditation International Association. She continues to study and practice several different styles, her training in Hatha Yoga influences her practice and teachings by providing a focus on the beauty and delight the world holds, and finding the highest self, the divine, in all bodies, experiences, and challenges that life has to offer. Through a combination of soft and strong practice she uses music, words and the breath to help students tap into themselves. Samantha also has The Yoga Teachers Diploma from the Antara Yoga and Meditation International Institute, and is a full member of the Antara Yoga and Meditation International Association (AYMIA).

In addition, Samantha’s father is a yoga teacher back in Mexico and is part of the GFU Universal Great Brotherhood (Gran Fraternidad Universal). Samantha grew up with a yoga teacher at home that has been an inspiration and a great example for her. This is one of the reasons she is passionate about Yoga For Kids.

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