Meditation is something that most people have heard about, few have any true conception about, and even fewer have experienced. It cannot really be described in words -it is to be experienced.

Someone said the vastest exploration is the ocean and someone else said it is the cosmos. Really the limitless exploration is the self, because the oceans and cosmos are contained within you. Meditation is the vehicle we can use for the exploration and discovery of the self.

The purpose of meditation is self-realisation. You can attain self-realization by exercising awareness, clear intention and purpose in your life. In other words, expanding your awareness to understand your multidimensionality as a self. If it sounds very confusing, it is because it is not about description or words but about experience it. The more you practise the deeper you will get into your self-exploration.

Meditation is self-discovery.

Reason to practice Meditation at Be You YOGA


At Be You YOGA you will have an atmosphere of beauty and serenity that will help you start and delineate your meditation practice. Be You YOGA offers the opportunity to experience a wide range of meditation techniques to help you find the practice that better suits you and brings expansion and awareness of your true self.

Be You YOGA is a great place to start your self-discovery journey.